We have access to many various lenders who can provide for all types of vehicles and equipment.

From trucks, excavators, luxury/prestige vehicles to the tradies dual cab right through to your son or daughters first car or the family sedan.

The competition between various lenders is ongoing with rates changing daily- I can promise you an excellent completive product.

Fast turnaround times also allow you to negotiate a great deal on the vehicle or equipment.

We have access to over 15 various lenders who can assist with excellent pricing options along with leasing options for anyone starting up a new business who therefore have limited financial evidence of income etc.

We have credit-impaired facilities and lo doc options for those who have do not have tax returns available. We lend to companies partnerships sole traders and everyday consumers


In line with responsible lending - We have sourced a number of insurance products to suit with many needs.

Life insurance to cover the home loan and to provide for remaining family members and also insurance for long and short term illness or disability to protect the assets that you are working so hard to eventually own.

NOTE: Although insurance is not compulsory - it is very necessary to consider when taking out any debt - I will always bring to your attention wherever your consideration is required....

We have access to Allianz Insurance discounted General Insurance products from Home and contents through to car and landlord insurance

Insurance continued...
- We also can provide more specialized insurance products such as life, income protection and disability insurance. We will cater to your needs and our rates are extremely competitive.


For customers who are requiring finance for the purpose of investing in property - shares - or any other worthwhile investment strategy...

We have a wide range of products designed specifically for these purposes.

We have access to NRAS finance and properties along with access to financial planners and accountants that can assist with direction for self managed super funds and many other clever investment opportunities.

We have access to financial planners and accountants who can provide the sound advice that you will need when making decisions in regards to where and how to invest!

We have a sound knowledge of investment property strategies and loads of information about NRAS investments - access to properties can also be provided.

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